General Advice
Not everyone has a gift for writing, so it if’s not your forte, have a trusted friend give it the once over – or hire a copywriter and let them take care of it for you.


Your headline should include your company / brand name and location of the building, or the name of your space.
We will adapt the title to this format if you have not done it yourself.
Examples would be:
"WeLive - Manhattan", "Common - Brooklyn", "Roam - Bali", "The Collective - Old Oak".
The title should not be descriptive.


Avoid using the minimum text length – this is your chance to really sell your property and explain why people should book today. Keep your sentences short and simple. Don’t over-sell or over-dramatise. Facts, facts, facts. 

Make it easy to read and check carefully for grammatical error and missing commas. Spelling mistakes are unprofessional and will stand out.
Add a personal touch – after all, your aim is to attract guests into your community so don’t sound too formal or sterile.

Break the text up into easy to read short paragraphs.

Description is Everything

Be as descriptive as possible, whilst selling the key features of your coliving space. Be sure to accurately describe the location and feel of the property, add any non-work related points that can be enjoyed during their stay, e.g. excursions, member-dinners, conference room, snooker table, bike rentals. Add some information about the local area and things to do whilst out and about. 

Be Unique

Stand out – be welcoming – convey professionalism, trust and efficiency, whilst including an element of fun and warmth.

English recommends all travellers to use English as their communication language, and therefore we feel that making your description in English will attract an international community. We don´t support listings in other languages at this point.

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